Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020

The Rainfall Potential Decrease, BMKG: Be Alert, Increase in Number of Hotspots


(Illustration of hot spots (int))(Illustration of hot spots (int)) -

PEKANBARU - The Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Pekanbaru station released weather forecasts on Tuesday (01/14/2020). Based on BMKG predictions, the weather in Pekanbaru City today is generally cloudy sunny.

"For the city of Pekanbaru from morning to night, it tends to be sunny to cloudy," BMKG Analysis Staff, Sanya Gautami, told

He continued, he said, considering that the rainfall in Pekanbaru and Riau in general had decreased the amount of rainfall to the people so as not to clear land by burning.

"For the time being there is a decrease in the amount of rainfall in January and February, be aware of an increase in the number of hotspots, for this reason people are urged not to do the activity of burning land," he pleaded.

You could say it is still a small dry season, because in April the first peak of rain will occur in 2020, while the long dry season is usually predicted to occur starting in May.

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"Hotspots in Riau are currently not monitored by satellites, because they enter a blank area," he added.

Meanwhile, the potential for rain in other areas is still present, but only local. "The potential for light to moderate rain that is local occurs in a part of the regency. Rokan Hilir, Dumai City and Kab. Bengkalis, "he said. (R24 / put)



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