Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Anniversary of HPN 2020 and Porwanas PWI Hold Journalist Billiards Tournament in Riau


Andre, Porwanas PWI Riau athlete winning silver medal)Andre, Porwanas PWI Riau athlete winning silver medal) -

PEKANBARU - In the context of welcoming the National Press Day (HPN) and Porwanas East Java in 2020, the Indonesian Association of Journalists (PWI) Riau held a 9-ball Billiards Tournament among journalists across Riau.

The tournament will be held for two days starting January 18-19, 2020 at the Billiar Abege Pool n Cafe House,  Arifin Achmad, Pekanbaru. Where for outstanding participants will also be given coaching money. That is Rp5 million for Champion, Rp2.5 Million for Champion II, Rp1 million for Champion III and Rp500 thousand for Semi Final I, with a total prize of Rp9 million.

The Chair of PWI Riau Sports Journalist Section (SIWO), Raja Isyam Azwar, through the PWI Billiard Sports Coordinator, Andre Zaky, the tournament system that will be held, uses a pool system with a total of 32 pools, for the race for the Pool champion will be held for 1 day starting 1 day 10: 00.WIB until finished.

"The competition for the Pool champion we use the knockout system, but for participants who died can re-register again until the Pool quota is met as many as 32 Pool. This means we plan one Pool for 1 person who will advance to the main round," said Andre Zaky.

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In this tournament, participants will also be charged a registration fee, which is Rp. 25 thousand one time registration. "We also make a Wilcard system or buy a Pool, this system is specifically for participants who do not want to take part in the preliminary round. But for this Wilcard the number is limited considering the Pool equalization for participants who compete. For a Wilcard the price is Rp150 thousand per Wildcard," he explained.

He further explained, for this tournament there are also requirements that had to be fulfilled by participants, namely being registered as PWI members in all city districts and already having a UKW card. This requirement is mandatory according to the direction of the Chairperson of the Riau PWI, because for participants who are declared to have achieved and succeeded in winning the tournament will be also participants or athletes who will represent for the upcoming Porwanas 2020 in East Java (East Java) according to the quota to be contested.

"For the number of participants from the regency / city, it can send participants with a maximum of 3 people. While for registration can be directly coordinated with the tournament coordinator or committee," he said.

On the other hand, the Chairperson of the Riau PWI, H Zulmansyah, while the Billiards tournament, is also a form of activity in enhancing the ability of athletes to face Porwanas 2020 in East Java. Which previously had also been conveyed to each branch of sports (sports) so that intensive training.

"For Sports Billiar we hope to be enlivened because this also determines athletes who will represent Porwanas going forward," said Zulmansyah.

In addition, he said, the existence of tournaments like Billiards is also good, because people who will go down represent Porwanas later also have proven abilities. So that optimism won a lot of control in Porwanas can be achieved to the maximum.

"What is certain is that by increasing training, they can maximize their abilities before competing in the future," said Zulmansyah. ***


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