Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Siak is the First Time Holds Basic Competency Selection of CPNS 2020 , Record the Date and Location


(Siak first implemented SKD CPNS 2019 (photo / illustration))(Siak first implemented SKD CPNS 2019 (photo / illustration)) -

SIAK - Siak Regency is the first area to hold CPNS basic competency selection. The test will be carried out on 27 to 31 January 2020.

This was said by the Assistant of General Administration of the Regional Secretariat of Siak Regency Government, Jamaluddin. "And hope that by establishing Siak Regency as the first Region to implement this SKD, hopefully all of it will be able to run smoothly, and hopefully it can become the best SKD implementation model," Jamaluddin hoped.

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It has been ascertained that 4,681 participants of the 2019 general formation CPNS will participate in the selection of basic competencies (SKD), will compete for 125 formations that have been determined for the Siak Regency.

That was said by Jamaluddin, when chairing a meeting to discuss the implementation of the Basic Competence Selection (CPD) CPNS 2019 General Formation Test conducted by the Regional Human Resources Development Personnel Agency (BKPSDMD).

Meanwhile the head of the local BKPSDMD Drs H Wan Abdul Razak said that the 2019 general formation CPNS SKD test will be attended by 4681 participants who had already passed the administration.

All of the participants will compete for the formation that has been set for Siak Regency with 125 formations, with details of 37 health workers, 55 educators and 33 technical staff.

While the time to carry out the basic competency selection test will be held for five days, from 27 to 31 January 2020 in the Sultan Syarif Kasim Regional Building, Siak Regency.

"And now we are busy with activities to prepare everything needed for the SKD later, which is clear that for implementation there are no problems, and certainly all are ready, and we are just waiting for the implementation time again, because everything is accommodated," explained Wan Abdul Razak. (R24 / Lin)


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