Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

There have been 7 Cases of Dengue Fever, PKM Lubuk Jambi Holds Fogging


(Community Health Center (PKM) Lubuk Jambi does fogging to prevent dengue hemorrhagic fever (photo / Zar)(Community Health Center (PKM) Lubuk Jambi does fogging to prevent dengue hemorrhagic fever (photo / Zar) -

KUANSING- At present, the Delugue Hemorrhagic Fever (DBD) epidemic has spread to all corners of the village, even many people have been stricken by this dangerous disease. No exception, at the Public Health Center (PKM) Lubuk Jambi.

Because, during January 2020, there were 7 patients affected by DHF in PKM Lubuk Jambi, which consisted of 1 person from Pulau Binjai Village, 3 people from Seberang Pantai Village, 1 person from Sangau Village, 1 person from Bukit Pedusunan Village, 1 person from Kasang Village.

"While there are 2 people hospitalized at PKM Lubuk Jambi, and 5 people admitted to the Pratama Clinic (PKM working area)," said the Head of the Lubuk Jambi Community Health Center, Masni, SST. MKM when contacted Riau24.Com, Thursday (January 16, 2020).

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According to him, to anticipate that DHF does not expand widely, a Foging is conducted in Seberang Pantai Village and Sangau Village. For this Foging officer, we send down 6 people, from the Health Service 2 people, and Lubuk Jambi PKM 4 people.

"This Foging activity was also witnessed firsthand by Kuansing DPRD Member Asrori Analke Apas," he said.

The purpose of implementing Foging, he said, is to help kill the Aides Agypty mosquito.

It is expected that with the implementation of Foging, there will be cooperation from all sectors to deal with the problem of DHF. "Because of this DBD outbreak, it is not only the responsibility of the Public Health Center, but also a shared responsibility," he said. (R24 / Zar)


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