Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

Riau Legislative Council Regretted The Existence Of Echelon III And IV Officers who Were Just Appointed Apparently Consume Drug


(Ade Agus Hartanto)(Ade Agus Hartanto) -

Riau Council Commission I Chairman Ade Agus Hartanto claimed to have known of an echelon III and IV official who were installed yesterday positively consuming narcotics. He admitted that he regretted the existence of Riau officials who are still using the illegal drugs.

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"We have already called BKD to inquire about the polemic of the inauguration of echelon III and IV yesterday. And we also asked for an official who was appointed yesterday positive for Drugs," Ade told Thursday, January 16, 2020.

The result, said Ade, was that the BKD admitted that they would revoke the position that had been given to them until their dismissal. Because what the official did was considered to have violated a serious violation. Therefore, he submitted his technicality to BKD.

"It is also to be known that the official who is positive about drugs is because of the delay in information received so that we are missed. But we hope the government will be more selective in the future and so that it does not recur," he said.

In addition, aside from being a positive official of the inaugurated drug user, Ade also mentioned the existence of an ASN that was not covered with coffee during working hours was also appointed by the Deputy Governor. Even though ethically it cannot be given a position because it does not set a good example.

"But the fact that ASN is found drinking coffee during working hours is also appointed as an official. And this is our question. Because we are worried that the selection of officials like this will bring a bad precedent in the future, that officials who do not obey the rules are also appointed as officials," he explained .

So this PKB politician hopes that cases like this will not happen again. And he hopes that the Riau provincial government will be more thorough and selective in choosing clean officials, especially those who are free from drugs.


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