Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Relieved! Finally, Tomorrow After Completion of Quarantine, Here's the Experience of Indonesian Citizens from China in Natuna


Indonesian citizens and Ministry of Health in morning exerciseIndonesian citizens and Ministry of Health in morning exercise - The observation and quarantine period carried out by the Natuna Humanitarian Joint Operations Task Force Command (Kogasgabpad) of 238 Indonesians from Wuhan, China, as well as 47 members of the pickup and medical team will end on Saturday (15 February 2020).

The day before discharge, their diet continued to be noticed, starting from the breakfast menu, lunch, to dinner, as well as vitamin intake.

This can be seen from the video submission that lasts 2 minutes 17 seconds received by from the Public Relations staff of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dede Lukman.

In the video, two Indonesian citizens from Wuhan seemed to be enjoying their breakfast, namely Fico and Elfi.

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Fico, one of the citizens of Wuhan who underwent quarantine at the Raden Sadjad Ranai Hangar Lanai, claimed to be very grateful for what he got during his stay at this quarantine location.

Because housing facilities provided are also always considered clean and healthy.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by Elfi, another Indonesian citizen who also claimed to be very suitable with the menu, from breakfast to dinner.

Elfi even claimed as if he felt he was in a five-star hotel.

"Very very extraordinary, thank you Natuna community, thank the Ministry of Health and the TNI team, and also thank the Government of Indonesia," he said.

In the video, Fico and Elfi also said that Natuna has special food, which is the fresh squid that they always get in their lunch and dinner menus.


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