Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Formerly Haram, Valentine's Day Now Awaited By Residents of Saudi Arabia


IllustrationIllustration - Citizens of Saudi Arabia are now free to celebrate Valentine's Day which falls on February 14, whereas all this time celebrating Valentine's Day is an unlawful thing to be celebrated in the country.

So. freedom to celebrate Valentine's Day is used by Saudis to give gifts to their loved ones.

As reported by the local Saudi media, Arab News, Friday (14 February 2020), a few years ago every Valentine's Day celebration was carried out secretly and full of secrecy. Saudis who had celebrated Valentine's Day earlier were worried that they would be caught by sharia police.

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Flower sellers and chocolate sellers must hide their wares, such as red roses and heart-shaped chocolates from the sharia police. Restaurant owners have banned birthdays or anniversary celebrations on February 14 for fear of being arrested or closed down by Saudi authorities.

However, as reported by Arab News, this change occurred since 2018, when the former President of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Crime (CPVPV) for the Mecca region, Sheikh Ahmed Qasim Al-Ghamdi, determined Valentine's Day not to contradict Islamic teachings or doctrines.

At that time, Sheikh Ahmed stated that celebrating affection was universal and was not limited to non-Muslims.

CPVPV is a religious authority in the Saudi government that regulates the application of Islamic doctrine or hisbah.

Therefore, from 2018 until now, Saudis can freely buy gifts, flowers, balloons and even teddy bears for Valentine's Day for their loved ones. Many of them buy many gifts for loved ones.

Local shops were filled with items mostly red and Valentine's Day themes which were no longer banned. Heart-shaped ornaments and flowers have been everywhere since a few days before the Valentine's Day celebration which was previously forbidden.


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