Tuesday, 26 May 2020

China Easily Accuses Indonesia of Spreading New Corona Virus, Because of This


IllustrationIllustration - Recently China has declared that they are free from the coronavirus that has plagued the country since December 2019.

Although it has taken thousands of lives of its citizens and infected tens of thousands of other citizens, gradually the country began to rise.

With quick-handling, they finally announced that there were no more findings from their residents who were infected.

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However, recently China mentioned a strange finding after one of its citizens went to Indonesia for some time.

The country's most populous country announces its new coronavirus case again. They said the latest case was an import from Indonesia.

Zhang (35), a Chinese citizen mentioned, claimed he had experienced symptoms of being unwell when arriving in the country a few weeks ago

Upon returning to his home country, Zhang was diagnosed positive for Covid-19 after returning to Shaanxi province, China.

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Quoted from, that is what lies behind China's accusations of Indonesia.

The Shaanxi Health Commission's official website also said on Tuesday that Zhang was the first person to be infected with an imported virus in the province.

He was said to have suffered a cough and fever on March 10 during his stay in Indonesia.

However, the place where he settled temporarily in Indonesia was not mentioned in detail.


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