Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Doesn't Have Any Social Media Account, This is How the Life of Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter


Daniel Radcliffe, the main character of the Harry Potter movieDaniel Radcliffe, the main character of the Harry Potter movie - Daniel Radcliffe is a famous actor who is far from the hustle and bustle of cyberspace life. Until now, the Harry Potter actor does not have a single social media account.

In an interview with PopBuzz, Daniel revealed his feelings of life without an Instagram or Twitter account.

"Very enjoyable!" he said as seen detikcom on YouTube PopBuzz.

Questions about why Radcliffe doesn't play social media are often addressed to him. Not a few people around him who quipped with his decision.

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"But now they say I'm very lucky," he continued.

Daniel Radcliffe felt he knew enough about what was happening on social media and the internet through his girlfriend. Sometimes he often peeks when the lover is online at social media.

"He often shows videos about dogs or cool magic tricks," he continued.

Daniel felt he really had to stay away from social media, especially Twitter. He has his own reasons for this.

"If I have a Twitter account, I will be Daniel Radcliffe in the worst version. I will react to everything and everything will make me angry," he concluded.


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