Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

The Invitation Has Been Distributed, the Tent Has Been Installed, the Food Has Been Served, This Marriage Party has been Disbanded by the Authorities


The celebration in Mojokerto was dissolvedThe celebration in Mojokerto was dissolved - The video of the dissolution of the wedding celebration in Mojokarang Village, Dlanggu Subdistrict, Mojokerto went viral on social media. This video reaps the pros and cons of netizens.

This viral video was uploaded by Akhmad Fathoni Assookoi's account on Wednesday (25 March) at 08.12 pm. As of this morning, the 2-minute 9-second video has been liked 1,481 times and reaped 346 comments from citizens. The dissolution of the celebration took place in Mojokarang Village on Wednesday (25 March) night.

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In the video it appears that the Mojokarang Village Chief together with the Dlanggu Police Chief AKP Airlangga Pharmady and 3 uniformed policemen disband the celebration when there are many invited guests. This wedding celebration was dissolved to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This viral video is reaping the pros and cons of citizens. Many of the netizens felt sorry for the organizers of the celebration because they had already prepared tents, decorations, and food and even spread out invitations. There were also those who regretted the attitude of the Mojokarang Village Government not to ban it before the celebration was held.

"The village head should have made an appeal before D-Day because of course, the village has already known from the start of the event that there is a reception. Poor people who have a desire to spend a lot of money," Nur Cahaya's account commented on the viral video.

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Many netizens also support the dissolution of the wedding celebration. Citizens suggested that people postpone the celebration to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Chief of Dlanggu Police, AKP Airlangga confirmed that the celebration was carried out in Mojokarang Village last night. However, he dismissed the dissolution of the wedding celebration.

"It was not disbanded, but it was urged by the village head and the residents to voluntarily disband," he said.



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