Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Impolite! Having Good Intention to Dismiss the Gamers in Order to be Prevented from Coronavirus, Instead This Civil Service Police Unit Was Ridiculed


A gamer laughs at Civil Service Police Unit when it is dissolvedA gamer laughs at Civil Service Police Unit when it is dissolved - The efforts of officers from the Bandung Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) to disperse the masses in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus from unrequited sweetness. Officers were even ridiculed by visitors to the internet cafe online game alias gamers.

The video of gamers' action laughing at the Civil Service Police Unit officers was viral on social media. In the 30-second video, members of Civil Service Police Unit were seen visiting an online game cafe. In the cafe, there are some young men who are cool playing online games.

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Officers then went to the young man who was sitting in front of a computer monitor. The officer then asked the young man to go home.

When the clerk moved to another visitor, the young man seemed to laugh. Even the voice of the young man was communicating with his colleague.

Even so, Bandung City Civil Service Police Unit officer named Mujahid Syuhada was still at the location.

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Mujahid waited for about 15 minutes. Finally, Mujahid's efforts to ask and wait for the visitors to come home were not in vain.

"Disbanded, he (the young man who laughed) also broke up. Finally, he returned because we were waiting for him," he said.

Likewise with the online game cafe. According to Mujahid, the internet cafe had been closed since officers came to the place.

"Yes, it (the internet cafe) is closed. We also monitor every day when it is closed," he said.


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