Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Why Do the Total of Corona Patients Died Grow So Significantly? Here's the Government Explanation


Achmad Yurianto, a government spokesman for the corona or Covid-19 caseAchmad Yurianto, a government spokesman for the corona or Covid-19 case - The government explained why the number of positive patients of  Coronavirus (COVID-19) who died was even more announced yesterday.

Government Spokesperson for Corona Virus Handling Achmad Yurinato said DKI Jakarta Provincial Government accumulated death data for three days.

"For DKI, the accumulation of death data from three days ago was sent today," Yurianto told reporters on Thursday (26 March 2020) night.

Yurianto said only DKI collected for three days. While other provinces do not.

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Of all the patients who died, Yuri said the average patient carried a congenital disease (comorbid). The patients die not only because of Corona.

"(They) died because of the comorbid disease, don't know, I don't know the calculation, it's not just because of COVID," he added.

Previously, the government announced there was an increase in the number of patients dying from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). To this day, the total number of people who have died has been 78.

Meanwhile, 4 patients recovered. The total number of patients recovered is currently 35 people.


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