Monday, 06 Jul 2020

The beginning and predictions outbreak of COVID-19 in China


The beginning and predictions outbreak of COVID-19 in China The beginning and predictions outbreak of COVID-19 in China - Columbia University Press Release study leader Jeffrey Shaman, professor of health sciences said, “The outbreak of COVID-19 in China was caused by patients with mild, limited or absent symptoms that went unnoticed." 

It depend on their contagiousness and quantity, undetected cases can expose a much larger part of the population to the virus than was thought. 

"We found that for COVID-19 in China, these undetected infected people were numerous and contagious," he said.

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The authors of the study believe that it is necessary to make serious changes in the practice of documenting patients seeking medical help even with symptoms of SARS. 

They also emphasize the effectiveness of travel restrictions and public awareness.

"Increased awareness of the epidemic, increased use of personal protective equipment and travel restrictions have helped reduce the overall strength of the infection. However, it is unclear whether this reduction will be sufficient to completely stop the spread of the virus", says Shaman. 

"If new coronavirus follows the 2009 H1N1 pandemic influenza model years, it will also spread throughout the world and become the fifth endemic coronavirus among humans".

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Scientists urge authorities in countries where COVID-19 is not yet widespread to take into account their results, which indicate that the virus is “covertly” transmitted by carriers without obvious symptoms as the main reason for the rapid spread of SARS-CoV2 virus.





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