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Anies Has Anticipated Corona Since January, When The Central Government Invites The People To Quiet


Anies Has Anticipated Corona Since January, When The Central Government Invites The People To QuietAnies Has Anticipated Corona Since January, When The Central Government Invites The People To Quiet - Anies Baswedan as Governor of DKI Jakarta had earlier announced the issue of the presence of people in monitoring and patients under surveillance related to the spread of the corona virus. This statement immediately became a concern because the central government continued to ask the public to be calm and assured that there had been no cases of corona in Indonesia.

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Anies very well remembers a variety of objections raised by her question, one of which was from Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto. But, based on data that Anies has collected since January 2020, the spread of the corona virus in Jakarta has been very worrying.

"Yes. At that time on March 1, I could not be arrested. The figure was already very alarming," Anies said when talking to Deddy Corbuzier, quoted from the Youtube channel on Sunday (3/29).

Anies asserted, he had asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to monitor the movement and development of corona cases since January and February 2020. At that time, the temporary benchmark was seeing pneumonia patients because there was no confirmation about COVID-19.
"I monitor information continuously from January, February the number continues to increase even the number of people with pneumonia in February has increased once. We do not know whether positive or not. But the numbers are," he explained, reported by Coils.

"I feel I have to convey to the people of Jakarta that this is the situation that is being faced by Jakarta. It must be vigilant, be careful," he added.
Anies chose to continue taking the steps that had been prepared in Jakarta. Although continued to be attacked on social media over the statement. "I realize I was attacked, refuted by my statement. But I once spoke at this table. I am not afraid of what people write on social media. I am more afraid of what historians write later. Because they talk using data," Anies said.

For 2 months, the former Minister of Education and Culture continued to observe the handling of corona in various countries. Including Italy, an increase in cases of COVID-19. "We have seen Italy, hopefully not. I say this matter of Italy has been a long time. What happened there was denial they assume nothing will happen to us but are not prepared," said Anies.

In the context of calming the community, Anies tried to be calm. But, still preparing everything including when the condition of the distribution of corona in Jakarta arrives at the worst condition. "We say to all get ready. Phase one of all health services is prepared, the second phase of our SKPD is all ready. Even though we are calm, it does not mean we are not ready," said Anies.

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Finally, he decided to reveal the number of ODP, which is 115 people and the number of PDP 32 people in Jakarta. With hope, with this information makes residents get ready and be aware of the distribution of corona. "It turned out to be disputed. Then 2 days later Mr. President announced the first 2 cases," said Anies.

This does not make Anies calm. Although the first two cases in Indonesia are Depok residents. But, both of them are active in Jakarta. Both of them also turned out to have been included in the monitoring. "2 real cases in Jakarta. Depok ID cards were interacting in Jakarta and that case was monitored. We all used numbers at that time. Cases 1, 2, 3, 4, continued. I get the sequence data everyday. "We are monitoring patients, at that time we could make a map of who we were meeting who was going to. There we were already worried," Anies said.


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