Monday, 13 Jul 2020

After China, a Russian Turn Suspicious of Corona Virus Made in American Biological Weapons


After China, a Russian turn suspicious of Corona Virus made in American biological weaponsAfter China, a Russian turn suspicious of Corona Virus made in American biological weapons - Not only China, suspicion that the Corona virus is a chemical weapon made in the United States, re-emerged. This time, the suspicion came from Russia. Russia claims to be concerned with the development of a biological weapons laboratory funded by the US Department of Defense or the Pentagon, when the world is battling this deadly pandemic.

"We have questions for America. It would be very nice to hear their justification by placing so many laboratories near Russia and China, rather than playing Corona propaganda," Russian Foreign Ministry officials said.

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Sources at the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized US authorities for blaming China for spreading the Corona outbreak and manipulating data on the deadly virus. Russia also accuses the US of turning the global health crisis into a political attack.

The official acknowledged Russia lacked reliable information about the role of the United States in the emergence of the deadly virus which was first reported in Wuhan, China in December last year. However, the official said that globalization made Corona transmission only in a matter of hours.

"Thus, the accusing tone directed against Washington by Washington is really confusing," he added.

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As is known, China blamed US military personnel who might have brought Corona Virus to Wuhan city in Hubei Province. Allegedly, it happened during the World Military Games which were held in October 2019.

But United States President Donald Trump has several times chosen to call the corona virus a "Chinese virus". Meanwhile Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo called it the "Wuhan virus", which offended Beijing.

The US president and foreign minister criticized China for its failure to deal with the initial outbreak. But the Chinese spokesman totally rejects the idea that they are less transparent about what is happening.


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