Sunday, 31 May 2020

Being Caught Holding a Sex Party, Here's the Confession of One of the Women Paid by Kyle Walker


Kyle WalkerKyle Walker -There are two paid women who are reportedly called Kyle Walker in his sex party. One of them provides a narrative about this.

Louise McNamara (21 years), so the name of one of the women as told by British media The Sun. Another woman's identity is unknown, other than coming from Brazil and 24 years old.

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Walker, and a male friend, are said to have invited Louise and the Brazilian woman to his apartment in Hale, Cheshire. It is also said that the apartment costs 8 thousand rupiahs (around IDR 159 million) per month. Luxury.

"I work at an agency in Manchester. I was sent a message by my boss, saying that there is a high-class client looking for someone classy," Louise said.

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"I took a taxi from Manchester to the requested address. A driver then picked me up and drove me to the gate of his apartment. Then his friend got out. There was also another woman in the car."

Louise called Kyle Walker a single parent. At that time Louise did not know the exact identity of Kyle Walker, who was an English footballer who played at Manchester City. Based on information Louise arrived at the location around 10:30 a.m at night and introduced himself as 'Kai'.


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