Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Splashy Message A Meranti Citizen Is Infected With Corona, This Is The Fact ...


Splashy Message A Meranti Citizen Is Infected With Corona, This Is The Fact ...Splashy Message A Meranti Citizen Is Infected With Corona, This Is The Fact ... - The community in the Meranti Islands Regency environment is currently being shocked by the allegation of one of the Selatpanjang residents who is infected with corona.

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The allegation arose after a chain message on social media stating that there was a resident of Kampung Baru, Selat Panjang currently being treated at the Meranti Islands Regional General Hospital (RSUD), after undergoing a rapid test with results showing positive corona virus infection.

In the message, the citizen with the initial F (26) was reported to have a travel history from Java, namely Banten and Jakarta.

Related to this, the spokesperson for the task force handling CoviD-19 Meranti Islands, Fahri SKM, when confirmed confirmed, there is one resident being isolated. Currently, the patient is being treated by a doctor at the District Hospital.

Fahri asserted, there has been no results from the doctor's examination of the patient. Fahri urged residents to remain calm and not easily believe information on social media that cannot be accounted for.

We are waiting, what information certainly cannot be explained by me, at this time the RSUD was working both the doctor and the nurse. So let them work first, we also don't know the information circulating at Social Media, "Fahri said.

In addition Fahri also said if information relating to Covid-19 was not released by his party, then certainly the information was not correct.

"Everything related to Covid's information is not through us, so it's not certain," he said.

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Meanwhile, Head of the Meranti Islands Health Service, Dr. Misri Hasanto also said that the patient who was suspected of being Covid was still under examination and would be treated further.

"It is still under examination and the doctor's results have not come out. The patient will have a throat swab and a nasal swab. After the swab will be tested by a laboratory and this will determine the positive or negative results," Misri said.


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