Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Marcus Rashford Frustrated Because of Corona Virus Pandemic


(Marcus Rashford)(Marcus Rashford) -

An acknowledgment was made by Marcus Rashford. The Manchester United striker began to feel frustrated by the league's delays due to the corona virus

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Rashford, who was absent since the beginning of 2020, was just barely recovering from his injury. He should be able to play again with the Red Devils in the next few weeks.

But Rashford's comeback must be delayed. Because all competitions in Europe are currently being stopped because of the corona virus pandemic.

Rashford admitted he was quite upset with this situation. "At the moment I am trying to keep training at a basic level," Rashford told BT Sports.

Rashford said that he really longed to play football. But he could not do that because all competitions were stopped.

"I can say that right now my mentality is suffering more than my physical aspects."

"This is because I am in a phase where I feel I can do more than this, I want to do more than this. But I understand that we don't know how long this virus will last."

Rashford said that he and other footballers were frustrated because the competition was not being held. But he acknowledged there was nothing that could be done at this time so he learned to control his mind.

"We don't know when we can play soccer again. So now I can only be patient and also train my mentality." he said.

The Premier League event will be rolled out again on 1 May. However, due to the impossible situation, the highest caste of English football was postponed until an unspecified time.

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