Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Scientists called a diet that prolongs women's lives


Scientists called a diet that prolongs women's livesScientists called a diet that prolongs women's lives - American nutritionists conducted a large-scale study, which lasted several years and covered tens of thousands of women from different countries. 

As a result, experts found out what type of nutrition best affects women's health and life expectancy, and also prevents the collection of extra pounds.

All study participants took calcium preparations every day containing a total of 1000 mg of this trace element per day. The control group didn’t use any additional substances.

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The results showed that subjects who received calcium showed significant health improvements even after short periods.

According to scientists, such results will certainly extend the overall life expectancy of women.

Experts say taking medications is optional. It is enough to revise the diet in favor of increasing the number of foods containing calcium in it. 
These are all dairy and sour-milk products, fish, all types of cheeses, nuts, oat and barley groats, all legumes, as well as garlic, poppy seeds, wild rose. There is calcium in celery, spinach, leafy greens, cabbage and citrus fruits too.

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Most of these foods are very good for digestion - due to which there is a gradual and natural loss of excess weight. 

Well, a nice bonus to extending your life!




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