Monday, 01 Jun 2020

The Story of a Surabaya man Who Almost Blind due to Corona Virus Disinfectant


Disinfectant Takes Victim in the Risma Region, This Surabaya Man is Almost Blind, Broken Blood VesselsDisinfectant Takes Victim in the Risma Region, This Surabaya Man is Almost Blind, Broken Blood Vessels - A Surabaya man is almost blind, naturally ruptures the blood vessels of the eye.

The Ministry of Health and WHO have warned about the danger of disinfectant fluids when it comes to the human body.

However, not all regions heeded the appeal of WHO and the Ministry of Health regarding the use of disinfectant fluids.

Reporting TribunJatim, Nanang Suyono (50), an employee of a textile dye company in Surabaya, admitted that he was sentenced by a specialist who had an eye blood vessel rupture.

As a result, there was a clot of blood clotted in the left eye.

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If seen, the eye is like a normal person's eyes.

But who would have thought, Surabaya's left eye was almost blind.

He claimed not to be able to see normally, his left eye was blurry.

He almost went blind when he was exposed to a disinfectant which is usually done by Surabaya officials to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

"Then, I pulled over and examined the part of my left eye that suddenly stung," he said when met at his house, Jalan Simo Jawar, Friday afternoon (10/4/2020) quoting TribunJatim.

About an hour passed, after being exposed to disinfectant spray, Nanang began to lose his eye sharpness.

Vision His left eye suddenly blurred and could not see clearly.

In fact, Nanang claimed, a few minutes his left eye was completely dark. But again blurred again.

"The day after the incident, I went to the general practitioner who finally gave a referral to the ophthalmologist. From the results of the examination, the specialist diagnosed a ruptured eye vein because there was high blood pressure that I suffered," he said.

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Nanang immediately denied it. Because all this time he felt he never had a history of any disease.

Including, high blood pressure to eye pain.

Nanang also strongly suspected that disinfectant fluid was then sprayed by Surabaya Community Health Officers on the highway, and his eyes caused him to lose sight in his left eye.

Nanang hopes that officers who spray disinfectants should give an announcement in advance when spraying.

Previously, the Ministry of Health had issued a circular regarding the use of the Disinfection Chamber in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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