Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Dare to Play in the River When Movement Guard (PKP) in India, the Foreign Travelers Write This Sentence 500 Times


Foreign travelers are fined 500 times write 'I'm sorryForeign travelers are fined 500 times write 'I'm sorry - As many as 10 foreigners violated COVID-19 Movement Guard (PKP) in a river in India were forced to apologize by writing words of apology 500 times.

The foreign nationals are from Israel, Mexico, Australia and Austria. They were arrested while roaming at the Rishikesh river which was famous for having been visited by a group of Beatles in 1968.

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Local authorities, Vinod Sharma told, they were each directed to write 'I did not obey the movement's escort regulations, so I apologize terribly' 500 times.

He said, more than 700 foreign travelers from the United States, Australia, Mexico and Israel who settled in the region violated PKP regulations.

Although the sentence was said to be complicated but the sentence was aimed at giving instruction to them.


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