Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Want to Have Beautiful and Healthy Breasts? Don't Do These 4 Mistakes When Buying a Bra


illustrationillustration - The most lazy thing I do when choosing a bra is having to try it. First feeling complicated because they have to open clothes, second sometimes feel uncomfortable trying bra at the counter, third lazy to wait for the dressing room, haha. But apparently laziness to choose this bra, can be bad for our breast shape and can cause back pain. The following are things to be aware of when choosing a bra, which I got from Jilly, Marketing Assistant Head Dept, Wacoal Indonesia.

1. Using the same size
I honestly made this mistake, using a bra size from ten years ago. Even though bra size can change with age and increase or decrease weight. So it's best, when you want to buy a bra in any condition, always make sure to take the time to measure the bra size you want to buy.

If you have been using a bra size that is too loose, it can result in a decrease in the breast. Indeed, basically, as you get older the condition of the breast must decrease, but it can be minimized by choosing the right size

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2. Only measure chest circumference, but don't pay attention to the cup!
Bra size is determined in two ways, namely the size of the circumference under the chest (with numbers 28-44) bottom and the cup (with the letter A-D). The first thing to measure is your lower chest circumference. When choosing the size of your chest circumference, make sure the size is right, meaning that the bra doesn't feel too tight or loose. To make sure you have chosen the right circumference, try putting two in the middle of the bra. If you can enter two fingers, meaning that the bra size is right with your lower chest circumference.

3. Bra material that fits
Pay attention to pen bra material so that the level of sweat properly, can cause irritation or itching. We sometimes do not realize, that the level of sweat in the breast area is actually quite a lot, causing moisture. Now if the material on the bra is not able to absorb sweat or quick-dry, it can cause skin irritation. So it's best to choose the type of bra made from cotton, Wacoal itself has applied a bra cup using cotton that can absorb sweat faster.

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4. Do not use a bra in accordance with the activities
Every bra on the market has been designed in accordance with our daily activities. For example, when choosing a sports bra, at home choose a bra without wire to make it feel more comfortable, and when doing activities outside the home choose a bra that is able to provide more support so that the breasts can be more well supported. Wacoal itself has six types of bras that have been adapted to women's activities:

Wacoal Feel Free; type of bra without wire
Wacoal Side shape: a type of bra that is able to make the silhouette on the breast more ideal
Natural Wacoal: a type of bra that provides a more rounded natural breast shape
Wacoal Dynamic: a type of bra specifically for sports
Mamalove: a type of bra specifically for breastfeeding
Perfect shape: a series of body shaping products that are able to form a more ideal body silhouette

Well, those were the four mistakes that we didn't realize when choosing a bra. It looks simple, but this must be considered for the sake of breast health and comfort when we indulge every day.


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