Sunday, 31 May 2020

Why Corona Patient's Condition Suddenly Worsens in the Second Week, Here's the Explanation


IllustrationIllustration - Why is the condition of some Corona patients generally worsening in the second week after showing symptoms?

As experienced by a COVID-19 patient in Kepahiang, Bengkulu, who has been undergoing isolation since last Tuesday (21 April).

According to local media reports, the three residents of Tebat Monok Village, who were stated positive and were referred to the Kepahiang District Hospital, consisted of father, mother, and child.

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"The mother and child are in a stable condition, but the husband or father is in a worsening condition of the upper respiratory tract disturbance," said Head of Bengkulu Health Office, Herwan Antoni.

Although most people infected with COVID-19 only experience mild symptoms and eventually recover within one or two weeks, but recorded 15 percent of people must be treated in hospital. Five percent of them are critical.

Medical experts say in some cases, especially when the patient's condition worsens later, the cause may not be due to the virus. But precisely because of the body's response to the virus.

This excessive immune reaction, known as a cytokine storm, can cause acute respiratory distress.

Sometimes the immune system mistakenly becomes excessive and remains active long after the virus is no longer a threat.

Those who are older, have a chronic medical condition or a compromised immune system, generally can experience more severe when infected with COVID-19.

It is very difficult to know the extent to which a person's immune system causes damage in the case of COVID-19.

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People who have more serious COVID-19 disease usually have signs of increased inflammation, especially in the lungs.

"At this stage there is a lot of inflammation in the lungs, often having very low oxygen levels, so a ventilator must be assisted," explained Dr. Elliot.

Usually the patient will feel discomfort in the chest or difficulty breathing. But some COVID-19 patients do not feel shortness of breath, even when their oxygen levels drop.

That is, in the case of COVID-19, even though the oxygen level in a person's body is quite low, he does not feel heaving.

That may explain why some patients with mild symptoms suddenly experience a drastic reduction.

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