Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Story of a Stepmother Who is So Cruel; Cutting the Mouth of Her 4-Year-Old Stepdaughter With Scissors


Child abuse, the child's mouth is torn with scissorsChild abuse, the child's mouth is torn with scissors

Quoted from the official page of the provincial agriculture-based in Heilongjiang, a small child suffered terrible wounds all over her face and body. When he was rushed to the hospital, preliminary investigations showed that the child had swelling on his face.

In addition, it was said that her stepmother had used scissors to tear the painful wound on the lips by cutting it, and the girl was wearing bruises all over her forehead. This is above many cigarette scars and burns found on her body.

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Not only that, the girl was found starving, and had tried to eat toilet paper because she was starving.

According to Sanli News, the little girl was treated in intensive care and had to undergo surgery for her injuries. Hospital staff also notified police after receiving a toddler under their care, which led to her stepmother being arrested.

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The Epoch Times reported that the girl's biological mother had lost custody of her daughter in 2018 after going through a divorce with her husband. Despite trying to fight for custody of her own daughter, she has failed and her daughter should live with her husband's parents.

But towards the end of December 2019, her daughter was unexpectedly moved with her biological father and new stepmother. Unable to visit her because of the Covid-19 epidemic in China earlier this year, her biological mother had no clue about what had happened to her daughter until recently.


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