Monday, 06 Jul 2020

These Are Things That Will Happen if Insects Extinct on Earth



Have you ever wondered about, or even imagined, what would happen if the earth were without insects?

Insects are one of the types of animals that have the most numbers on earth, but are often interpreted negatively and neglected by humans.

The connotation of the community about the insect itself is often framing with pests, carriers of disease, and even portrayed as a monster in fiction.

In fact, insects have many benefits for life.

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The functions referred to here cannot be separated from human needs themselves such as economic needs, food, etc.

For example, a butterfly. Butterflies have a symbiotic mutualism with various plants, butterflies will suck the nectar in the flower, while sucking nectar, the butterfly's feet will come into contact with pollen which makes the pollen scattered and then falls to the pistil's head.

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After that, the fertilization process will occur plants can reproduce and produce flowers, seeds, and fruit which is certainly needed by humans. See? Insects indirectly benefit us to provide food on earth.

Just imagine if insects became extinct and some plants could not pollinate. Are you willing to not be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables so you have to eat instant food for the rest of your life?

Apart from microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), insects also play an important role in decomposition or decomposition.


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