Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Wow Nagita Slavina Show up Her 5 Costly Kitchen Appliances Some There is One as Worth as the Motorcycle


Nagita Slavina oven that is worth the motorcycleNagita Slavina oven that is worth the motorcycle

Nagita Slavina is now active on YouTube with a variety of interesting content uploads. One of them is about cooking where the mother of one child shows how to make her favorite practical recipes.

Nagita looks flexible in action in the kitchen like making dalgona coffee, pancakes, to roasted chicken. The appearance of the kitchen certainly attracts attention. Besides being neat and modern, it is also because of the existing kitchen tools.

Not only that, Raffi Ahmad's wife uses many kitchen tools and cooking utensils which are often fantastic. Starting from the pan, mixer, until the oven, the price reaches millions of rupiah!

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Here are 5 expensive kitchen tools used by Nagita Slavina:

1. Hand mixer
Having studied at Le Cordon Bleu, Nagita is a hobby of cooking, especially for cakes. He looks expert when making fluffy pancakes. "Good luck, this is my first time trying it," Nagita said.

2. Stand mixer
In addition to the hand mixer, Nagita also uses a stand mixer from Kitchen Aid. This type of mixer has the advantage of a larger container so as to prevent the dough from spilling. In addition, the power of the motor is also greater and faster and is practical to use.
Nagita has an Artisan Stand Mixer from Kitchen Aid for IDR 10,079,000. The color is light yellow with a variety of supplements that facilitate the process of making cakes. Many netizens are shocked by the price.

3. Frypan
As for the pan fry pan, Nagita bought a set of light brown Karaca brands. Karaca is a provider of kitchenware, bakeware, to homeware from Turkey. In Indonesia, the products can be purchased online or visited outlets at Pondok Indah Mall.
The fry pan used by Nagita is a set with a glass-covered pan. The name of the product is Mocha Bio Granite 7pcs at a price of IDR 3,390,000. As for Bio Granite, which is used as the main ingredient of this cookware with European standards.

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4. Oven
Another expensive Nagita Slavina kitchen tool is the oven. The shape is indeed simple. Small box with red and black colors. Who would have thought this roasting tool has a fantastic price.
Nagita uses a Hitachi brand MRO-NBK5000E Oven for IDR 24,129,000. Netizens are surprised by the price that exceeds the motorbike. "My motorbike is cheaper than Mba Gigi's oven ????????," said a netizen.

5. Grill pan
Another expensive kitchen tool owned by Nagita. In the form of grill pan which he uses when burning chicken. This pan has a smooth and jagged surface. Baking food is so practical.
The brand used is Tefal Plancha Ultracompact Electric Grill Pan. The price is around IDR 1,580,000.


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