Sunday, 31 May 2020

This is the Danger if the Motorcycle Driver Does not Go Down When They Buy Gasoline


The motorcycle driver is advised to get off the bike when filling up the gasolineThe motorcycle driver is advised to get off the bike when filling up the gasoline

In filling the fuel oil (BBM) of the vehicle there is actually a procedure. In some gas stations even require riders to get off the motorcycle when refueling.
Indeed, most of the motorcycle gas tank mouth is under the seat. So inevitably the rider must get off the motorbike.

However, filling up gasoline without getting off the motorbike for some motorbikes whose gas tank mouth is not under the seat is very easy. That is what most motorsport riders or some automatic motorbikes do.

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In some gas stations, the officer does not want to serve filling gasoline if the driver does not get off the motorcycle. Senior Indonesian Safety Defensive Consultant (SDCI) Consultant, Sony Susmana, also suggested that motorists stay off the motorbike when refueling.

"At first I was also thinking a bit about why I had to go down and if we didn't want to go down, it didn't want to be filled with gasoline. Apparently, after I learned that if there was an explosion or fire, it was easier for us to evacuate. burned, "explained Sony.

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