Sunday, 31 May 2020

Heartwarming Story of a Doctor Who Willing to Climb the Mountain to Treat a Child Who is Allegedly Infected with Covid-19


Doctor Soi crossed rivers and mountains to save a patientDoctor Soi crossed rivers and mountains to save a patient

A Thai doctor named Doctor Soi who works in a rural health clinic in Nan province is viral for climbing two mountains and crossing a river to treat a patient in a rural area.

On the day of the incident Dr. Soi works in a health clinic when someone reports that a child has a fever while quarantined with their family in another area.

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Soi said that he would visit the boy to see.

Without thinking, Soi wore a complete PPE as a safety precaution. He also did not forget to wear rain boots because he knew he had to cross the river and put some medical supplies in a bag.

He then left for the village on a motorcycle with an assistant. When they are in a rural area, there are only steep, narrow dirt roads and often Dr. Soi needs to walk while his assistant rides a motorcycle. That's 38 ° C.

When they didn't reach their destination, they found a very steep road. Dr. Soi was tired by then. However, his assistant made it to the top, he asked if he was alright. Even though he was tired to the bone, he said that he was fine. With the weight of the bag known on one side, he held the root or tree he could find. Due to his tired condition, he continued to slip and fall. When he finally reached the top, he saw a small hut in the distance.

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As he got closer, he could see that the small wooden hut was in the middle of a farm and there were about six people there, two old women with four children. They were very happy to see the doctor and his assistant. Because overwhelmed, Dr. Soi felt tears welling up in her eyes but she covered it by asking the children if living on the farm was fun. Everyone says it's fun.

Soi goes to work and checks on the sick child because he does not want to go down a dark dirt road. The child had a slight fever and sore throat, so he gave them medicine and asked the mother to monitor the child's condition.

When Dr. Soi arrived at the boy's house, he was completely exhausted but his sleep was disturbed by the thoughts of a sick child. After three days, the person who sent food and water to a family of six came to the clinic and told Dr. Soi that the boy has recovered.

Feeling relieved, Dr. Soi said that by interacting with villagers, he forgot all the fatigue and difficulties he faced while working. All he wants is for them to receive good health care.


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