Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

As a Result of Plastic Surgery, These Woman's Eyes Must Be Sealed When Going to Sleep And Now She Gets Difficulty Asking For Accountability



A woman known to be named Ma intends to beautify the eye with plastic surgery. In East Asian countries, eye surgery is becoming common but the procedure is not done properly. Ma's operation actually prevented one eye from being closed properly and needed to put on tape before going to sleep.

From the start, Ma was apparently not satisfied with the results of the operation. When he was first operated on at the Jimei Plastic Hospital clinic in September 2018, he claimed he did not like the results. After asking for it to be fixed, Ma found it difficult to close his eyes properly. The woman from China even though she already spent 20,000 yuan (IDR 42 million).

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"My eyes have never been right since the repair operation. I can't close my eyes properly and my eyes will runny when it's windy," he said in the video.

In the video circulating, Ma also shows how his eyes must be helped with masking tape to be closed.

The clinic where he operated on refused to admit that he had made a mistake. According to Ma, the clinic has offered surgery for more repairs or compensation of 5,000 yuan. But the clinic also asked him to make an agreement not to ask for more accountability in the future.

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"That means if there is a problem, I can't contact them. It's not their problem anymore," he said.

But the offer was denied by the clinic. In a video where Ma was seen confronting the clinic manager, he instead said Ma's eyes were not problematic and suggested that the woman make a legal analysis. If it is proven there is a mistake the new clinic will take responsibility. Until now, finally Ma himself was overwhelmed to find accountability.


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