Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Not Afraid of Corona, People in Washington Gather and Hold "Covid-19 Parties"


Washington people gather for a COVID-19 partyWashington people gather for a COVID-19 party

In this era in the history of mankind, gathering in a crowd is well-liked and a clear message spread throughout the world - STAY AT HOME AND USE SOCIAL NETWORK.

However, people in Washington, USA deliberately go out to get along with people who are positive Covid-19 in hopes of speeding up the process of catching the virus and overcoming it.

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According to The Straits Times, the "Covid-19 Feast" was organized so that people who were not infected could come and be infected to get immunity from the virus. The director of public health for the Walla Walla District, Meghan Debolt, was aware of two recent events in the area.

Two people who went to one of the parties attended by 20 other people, were already sick and tested positive for the virus. People like them have canceled the efforts of the authorities who tried to contain the plague in the area.

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He added that two people who contracted the disease on one of the sides in Walla Walla were young and did not need medical treatment. They both said that they thought they could recover quickly from the virus by dismissing the fact that they could spread to other people who were more vulnerable.

In addition, the state health secretary, John Wiesman said that it was unknown whether people recovering from Covid-19 had long-term protection, the NST reported.


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