Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Awkarin Give IDR 10 Million For Free to Netizens Who Have Her Husband Layed Off and Can Not Get Social Aid


Awkarin For Rp. 10 Million for Free, Netizens Who Have Their Husband Layed Off and Can Not Get Social Aid directly Shaking(photo / int))Awkarin For Rp. 10 Million for Free, Netizens Who Have Their Husband Layed Off and Can Not Get Social Aid directly Shaking(photo / int)) -

Who is not familiar with Celebrity Awkarin. On Twitter, the name Awkarin suddenly became trending, because she distributed IDR10 million in cash to netizens for free.

Initially Karin Novilda or Awkarin asked netizens. "Quick question. If you have 10 million rupiah now in your hands, what do you want to do?" twitted by @awkarin, Friday 15 May 2020.

Then there is the Twitter account owner @Inii_ikeee replied, "Masha Allah @ awkarin 10 million can be used to clean the house, the room has been perforated, if the rain leaks everywhere. Want to be used for venture capital, because the husband is laid off while life must continue, the child "If you want to go to school, the cost of living is getting heavier, there is no income, the social assistance can not be obtained," he said, including a photo of a poor house.

Unexpectedly it turned out that @awkarin replied, "Hi, you. Because of your intention for something useful, and I hope it is trustful, ask for your account. Hopefully the 10 million will be useful, and if there is any left over to be paid zakat & alms. Hopefully trustworthy. "

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Answered like that @Inii_ikeee was immediately shocked not expecting and then replied, "ALLAHU AKBAR. ALLAHU AKBAR. ALHAMDULILLAH ALHAMDULILLAH I AM SHAKING I WANT TO CRY WANT WHAT THIS IS SUCCESS THANKSGIVING. Thank you very much Karin dear @awkarin. Thank good people ALHAMDULILLAH I AM SHAKING , I WANT TO CRY WANT WHAT IS THIS THANKSGIVING. Thank you very much Karin Dear @awkarin. Thank good people. SWT repays your kindness multiplied. "


Then Karin Novilda gave a message, "Sis @Inii_ikeee, please update the progress of the house improvement. Let our friends not suudzon. Friends help update it! Good luck!"

Immediately, other netizens praised Awkarin for having a high social life. @IrfanNaufallR: "Because God will provide something that is needed by his people when he believes and tries. Hopefully this is an example for me and all of us in terms of goodness," there is nothing sacred but sharing in goodness. "

@ReynSpaxe: "Thank God, hopefully, a blessing."

@astraIio: "Thank God, I'm glad to see this. Your Future."

@Adelialds_: "Alhamdulillah fortune, where are you going? Hopefully the money will bless you, sis ... the business will be smooth ... spirit."

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