Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Revealed! It Turns Out That Zuraida Hanum, the Wife of Judge Jamaluddin, Had Sex With the Killer 5 Times More


The suspects when demonstrating the sceneThe suspects when demonstrating the scene

The trial continued the murder of Medan District Court Judge Jamaluddin again presenting three defendants in the Cakra Utama room of the Medan District Court, Friday (15 May 2020).

In the trial, revealed a surprising submission from the defendant Jefri Pratama (42), that often had sex with Zuraida Hanum.

They have had sex more than five times. In fact, never had sex while in the car.

During the trial, it was revealed that Zuraida Hanum (41) and Jefri Pratama (42) often had sexual relations, even having done it in a car in the Johor area.

This was revealed when Judge Member Imanuel Tarigan said that there was an intimate relationship between Zuraida Hanum and Jefri Pratama.

Then it was developed by the Judge Erintuah Damanik by saying that he had been in the car too.

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"There have been five times more I have intercourse with Zuraida," said Jefri.

Furthermore, the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Parada Situmorang then reiterated, how many times had he played in the room, he said he had forgotten and many.

"Forgot sir, but five times more," he said.

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Then the Prosecutor dug into the question by saying whether that was the reason the defendant killed, but he said no.

It's just that he was sorry to see Zuraida depressed by her husband.

It is known in the indictment of the Public Prosecutor, this case began with the defendant Zuraida Hanum's household relationship with the victim who did not get along and get along well.


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