Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Married at Pandemic, This Couple Was Grateful with the Simplicity


The Lucky couple (32) and Adinda (31) keep continue their marriage even though during the PSBBThe Lucky couple (32) and Adinda (31) keep continue their marriage even though during the PSBB

Weddings that are usually enlivened by the presence of family and relatives in a happy reception party are now forced to be abolished.

In DKI Jakarta, the governor's regulation related to Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) states that marriage is permissible as long as "exclude wedding reception events that invite crowds".

So, what is it like to get married in a pandemic like now? Lucky and Adinda, a married couple who just got married on May 2, shared their joys with DW.

Married in the midst of a corona pandemic now makes the couple realize that the health protocol in marriage services must be strictly implemented. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers are some of the main logistics that must be provided at the church.

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The strict PSBB rules also make the procession of marriage blessings in the church only be attended by the nuclear family. Adinda told us that the procession of the marriage blessing that they lived was only attended by around 10 people, that included documentation and the priest who led the wedding ceremony.

"It's so sad like in a church, the choir is not allowed, people are very limited so one person can do three desk jobs," Lucky said when interviewed by DW. "But fortunately we still feel the wisdom, yes, we still get to the point," said Adinda.

Deciding to get married in the middle of the PSBB rules as they are now is not an easy decision. There are various worries that arise especially from Adinda's family who live outside Jakarta, who even until the last seconds before the marriage ask for marriage to be postponed.

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But not only considerations from the family, but both of them also claimed to have thought to postpone the marriage. However, because the pre-marital affairs in the Catholic church that they live is not as easy as imagined, and to decide to postpone the marriage and repeat the process from the beginning was very difficult, finally they decided to continue the wedding plan even though it was improvised.

For her and her husband, getting married during a pandemic means being grateful with simplicity, that the essence of marriage is good intentions to have a family.

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