Sunday, 31 May 2020

Corona Does Not Only Attack Lungs, But Also These 7 Body Parts


So far, we know that the Coronavirus only causes problems in the respiratory tract. But the fact is research shows that this virus can attack various other body parts.

In addition to the lungs, here are some other body parts that can be attacked by the Coronavirus, as quoted by the New York Post.

1. Eyes
Some people infected with the Coronavirus experience symptoms of red eye or conjunctivitis. Doctors say the condition can occur in patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19.

A study of 38 COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Hubei, China, found that one-third of them had red eyes.

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2. Brain
Neurological or neurological symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, disturbance of consciousness, and muscle injuries have occurred in some cases of Corona virus infection.

Journal of the American Medical Association found that the condition of blood clots in the brain can occur in patients with severe symptomatic Corona virus, causing seizures and also strokes.

3. Heart
In some cases, doctors see Corona virus patients who have myocarditis problems or inflammation of the heart muscle which is quite alarming.

"Their breathing conditions seem to be gradually improving, but suddenly they have heart problems that are not comparable to their breathing problems," said neurologist at Columbia University, Mitchell Elkind.

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4. Sensory system
The loss of the ability of the senses of taste and smell become one of the symptoms of the Coronavirus, and the condition is better known as anosmia.

According to a study conducted by King's College London, as many as 60 percent of people infected with the Corona virus experience symptoms of loss of breathing and smell.

5. Blood
According to doctors, the Corona virus can cause clots in blood vessels. These blood clots can spread to the lungs and brain. This condition can even trigger pulmonary embolism or blockage of the blood vessels in the lungs.

6. Digestive system
According to a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, nearly half of Corona virus patients who are hospitalized in Hubei, China, experience digestive problems.

7. Kidney
Some Corona virus patients are reported to have kidney damage which is quite worrying, so it requires dialysis or dialysis.

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