Wednesday, 27 May 2020

MK Calls Jokowi and DPR, Both Must Be Present


MK Calls Jokowi and DPR, Both Must Be PresentMK Calls Jokowi and DPR, Both Must Be Present - Public lawsuit regarding judicial review of Law number 1/2020 concerning State Financial Policy and Financial System Stability for Handling Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Constitutional Court (MK) asked President Joko Widodo to attend the MK plenary session on 20 May in Jakarta.

The agenda for the session was only two: listening to the DPR's explanation and asking for the president's statement. His place was in the MK plenary courtroom at 10:00 WIB.

The summons signed by the clerk of Muhidin required all interested parties to be present. "The parties, witnesses and expert witnesses must attend the Constitutional Court invitation," Muhidin said in Jakarta.

Because the corona virus pandemic condition (Covid-19) is still whacking, the Constitutional Court established a health protocol later in the trial. They are required to wear masks, gloves, applying physical distance, check body temperature, and others.

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The capacity of the courtroom is also limited. The number of parties attending is expected to be no more than five people.

The Court held this plenary session in order to review the lawsuit made by the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI). Together with the 1997 Mega Bintang Foundation, KEMAKI, LP3HI, and LBH PEKA, MAKI filed suit number 24 / PUU-XVII / 2020.

According to MAKI, the granting of legal immunity to the apparatus (cannot be prosecuted both civil and criminal) who deal with Covid-19 is considered to injure the sense of justice of the community. ”They are like authoritarian and undemocratic demigods. As if they are guaranteed not to err and make mistakes, "said MAKI coordinator, Boyamin Saiman.

The rules in the new Perppu are considered to have neglected the principles of the rule of law. "Everything must be based on law, without exception," he explained.

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