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Best Horror Films 2020 Keeping the Renaissance Genre Strong


Film and MovieFilm and Movie - Thankfully, 2010 was kinder to us thanks to the inclusion of sound and a new studio that reminded us why horror is the perfect genre for our increasingly frightening reality. In the past decade alone, the A24 gave us all-time competitors such as Hereditary and The Witch, Jason Blum revived the original building on Happy Death Day and The Purge, and Jordan Peele revolutionized the genre with Get Out and Us.

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Now that 2010 has raised bets, you can expect 2020 to continue to meet fear - with new films from Blum, Peele and many more. This is the best so far this year, and what we expect is closer to Halloween and beyond.

1. Under the water

Although it did not end up as the expected secret Cloverfield sequel, Underwater - starring Kristen Stewart as a mechanical engineer working on deep sea mining vessels - ended up being a tense horror film for the winter months. Plus, it turns out that the big evil monster Underwater finally came from a different world from an existing IP altogether.

2. Horse woman

Horse Girl is one of those horror-dream-horror-sci-fi films where the less you know about that entry into the film, the better. We will tell you that Alison Brie starred as a social outcast whose dreams began to disturb her and turn her life out of control. Now, watch it. And when you are done, we are here to help you with the WTF level ending.

3. The Invisible Man

Horror films supported by Jason Blum usually become hit (Happy Death Day, Get Out) or miss (Ma, Truth or Dare), and good money is in The Invisible Man to be in a former camp. Elisabeth Moss starred in a film adaptation of the classic H.G. Wells, who already looks like a portrait of the brutal and enticing trauma left to victims of abusive relationships.

4. Swallowing

Wow! Wait a minute. If you are not in the middle of a body-horror and horror-thriller Venn diagram bubble, don't press play on that video. Swallow starred in Haley Bennett as Hunter, who likes to eat things he shouldn't eat. Marbles, needles, syringes ... God. Haley Bennett nails her appearance - this is not the last time you see her - as a housewife who really likes to change things at home.

5. The hunt

This one is doozy. The hunt - which is a satirical political thriller about elites who hunt humans for sports - should be released in September 2019. The release date was postponed after several mass shootings at the end of the summer, and a tweet from President Trump, who called The Hunt a product of "Liberal Hollywood . " Now, we get The Hunt this March. TBD on whether the film finally made the news like a real life backlash.

6. The Green Knight (May 29)

You thought we would finish this list without screaming A24 party, do you? The studio behind Hereditary and Midsommar will release The Green Knight later this year. The film follows the nephew of King Arthur, played by Dev Patel, who made a daunting journey to face the legendary Green Knight.

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7. A Quiet Place Part II (4 September)

A Quiet Place is one of the biggest escape films from the 2010 horror film renaissance - which talks a lot when you can stand out from Babadook in the world. This year, director John Krasinski will return to lead the sequel, which will follow the Abbott family as they try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by sensitive monsters.

8. Candyman (September 25)

Jordan Peele + horror has become a virtual guarantee of the best quality this year at this time. If you need to sell more in the film, here it is: Peele co-wrote a sequel to one of the classic genres (Candyman is pulling Halloween and ignoring a sequel that isn't as good as the 90s). The original manuscript followed a graduate student when he discovered Candyman, an urban legend who turned out to be a real and frightening figure who began following him.

9. Halloween Murder (October 16)

Usually when horror genre icons like Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger return for one! more! the streets looking for money, we usually go hoping they stay in the cemetery, or wherever the bad guys are scary when they are defeated. Strangely, that was not the case in Halloween 2018, which made Jamie Lee Curtis play his role as Laurie for a rematch against Michael Myers. Now, both will try again in Halloween Kills - which producer Jason Blum hyping as "the 2018 film about speed."

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