Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Smartphones Becomes a Very Important Thing During the Pandemic, These are Tips for Choosing Cellphones Under IDR 2 Million


IllustrationIllustration - As is known, we now know the new term WFH alias work from home or just work from home, including schools and worship from home. Apart from PCs and laptops, this activity can also be done via smartphones.

Smartphones are very important in making home activities easy. For that, a smartphone with an affordable and tough price can be an option at a time like this.

Here are some guidelines that can be your reference when choosing a smartphone with a price of under IDR 2 million.

1. Chipset or processor used
During this time we are often directed to look for the fastest chipsets, this can be true if we refer to expensive flagship smartphones.

For affordable smartphones we have to change perceptions. Because, this affordable smartphone must have a chipset that is capable enough to run well a variety of applications, from social media, videos, cameras, to playing games, but also must be economical.

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In this pandemic condition, the level of smartphone usage and our eyes staring at the screen is estimated to be getting longer. In addition to work, we also read a lot of news, learn new things through YouTube videos, and seek entertainment from a variety of content available on the internet.

This smartphone with a power-efficient chipset allows us to do many of these things without intermittently having to recharge the battery, and chipsets like this don't heat up even if they are used continuously for a long time.

2. Jumbo batteries
For standard use, this affordable smartphone does not need such a large battery, because it is economical.

But if you look at the trend of smartphone users that is getting longer, and affordable smartphones are widely used by people who work outside the office, such as those who are urban, schoolchildren, online motorcycle taxi, and so on, these cheap smartphones are trendy equipped with large batteries with capacities between 3000 mAh up to 5000 mAh to accommodate long-lasting use.

The combination of power-efficient chipsets, jumbo batteries, and power-efficient screens, makes budget smartphone battery life in the very high category for endurance use. To be used more than one day is very easy, some have even done charging it every 2-3 days.

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3. Additional helpful features

In the past, cheap smartphones especially if the price is below IDR 2 million, usually 'just a smartphone'. But now, the conditions are different.

Competition makes many features that used to be limited can only be on expensive smartphones, now also on smartphones that are cheaper.

Call it for example biometric security features, both through fingerprints and facial recognition. There are also several vendors who add features of FM radio or infrared remote control, which is usually useful for those who live in the area and commuting.

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