Sunday, 31 May 2020

One Positive Covid-19 Inhil Patient Is Recovered


Dr. AleksisDr. Aleksis - Inhil-A resident of Pulau Burung sub-district, Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau, who was a positive patient of Covid-19, was declared healed again.

The patient with the initial M (19), who is known to come from the Al-fatah santri cluster in Temboro, Magetan, East Java, was confirmed healed after undergoing a PCR swab test.

According to the Chairman of the Medical Team of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 Indragiri Hilir Regency, Dr. Alexis, M patient before being declared cured had to undergo treatment for some time in the RSUD Raja Musa, Guntung.

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"From the results of the PCR swab, M specimens are known to be negative. Therefore, M was declared cured. Currently, M has been allowed to go home with good clinical condition," said Dr. Alexis through a press release received on Thursday (5/21/2020) night .

With the recovery of M patients, the number of confirmed Covid-19 patients cured is now 3. Previously, there were 2 positive patients of Covid-19 from Inhil Regency who had recovered.

"We must be grateful for the recovery of this 3rd patient. This is thanks to the hard work of the entire medical team and the full support of the Inhil district government and other parties who are members of the Coil-19 Inhil Handling Task Force," said Dr. Alexis.

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Furthermore, Dr. Alexis asked all Covid-19 positive patients who were undergoing treatment and were isolated to stay motivated for healing.

"We will always give our best and try as much as possible, especially in terms of patient care. Hopefully in the near future the positive patients of Covid-19 Inhil can also recover soon," said Dr. Aleksis

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