Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Regent Inhil Expects Sustainable Village Electricity Program


Inhil Regent, HM Wardan during a video conference with the Governor of RiauInhil Regent, HM Wardan during a video conference with the Governor of Riau - Inhil-Regent of Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil), HM Wardan expects the village electricity program to be carried out continuously, bearing in mind the village electrification ratio in Inhil is still below the average of Riau Province.

This expectation was expressed by the Regent of Inhil Regency, HM Wardan after the inauguration of 7 Electricity Villages in Riau Province by the Governor of Riau, H Syamsuar through a video conference on Thursday (10 Mau 2020).

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"We even hope that the village electricity electrification program will continue to hamlets that have not yet been electrified," said the Regent after the video conference.

Of the 7 villages that were inaugurated at that time, 5 of them were villages in Inhil Regency, namely Tanjung Simpang Village, Hibrida Mulia Village, Hibrida Jaya Village, Terusan Kempas Village, and Teluk Merbau Village.

"This is a progress in the electricity sector. We are very thankful that 5 villages in Inhil Regency can be electrified. Hopefully the program can continue until the brightly lit Inhil can become a reality," said the Regent.

The same thing was also expressed by the Governor of Riau, H Syamsuar. He expressed his hope that all villages in Riau Province could be electrified.

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"We are hoping that the PLN can generate village electricity. Even so, we understand and realize the difficulties and obstacles in the field in the process of electricity development," concluded the Governor.

Meanwhile, GM of PLN Company of Riau Province, Daru Tri Tjahjono stated that out of 1,859 villages in Riau, 1,833 villages had been electrified. In addition, currently in Riau Province the electrification ratio has reached 98.6 percent, there are still 26 villages that have not been electrified.

"The completion target is until November. Hopefully it will be finished. We hope that this electricity installation can improve the economy and the welfare of the people," he concluded.

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