Monday, 06 Jul 2020

After Idul Fitri Holidays, Regent Greets All of District Head in Inhil


Inhil Regent, HM Wardan when greeting the sub-district headInhil Regent, HM Wardan when greeting the sub-district head - Inhil-The first day of coming to work after the Idul Fitri 1441 H holiday, the Regent of Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) HM Wardan delivered the entire Camat through vidcon, Tuesday (26 May).

At that time the Regent, accompanied by Deputy Regent (Vice Regent) Inhil, Syamsuddin Uti, Chairman of the PK PK Inhil, Zulaikhah, Assistant, and the Head of BKD as well as a number of leaders of other relevant regional organizations (OPD).

The program, which was named the Regional Government, addressed the District, discussed the current condition of each sub-district, both regarding the distribution of social assistance in the form of cash and food packages.

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The first area that was called the Regent, and the Vice Regent, namely Mandah District, continued with Gaung Anak Serka District (GAS), Kateman, Concong, Batang Tuaka and so on.

From the video clip it was reported that the majority of the Districts had distributed Direct Cash Assistance (BLT), Village Funds (DD) and Social Cash Assistance. But there are still some who will distribute.

"We ask the Social Service (Dinsos) to propose back to the Ministry of Social Affairs. Because, there are still around three thousand who have not entered as recipients," said the Regent at the time.

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In addition the Regent also received reports on the Covid 19. case. In general, there were no additions to either the person in the monitoring (OPD), or the Patient Under Monitoring (PDP) including the positive case.

"We remind you that the health protocol must be implemented and socialized," the Regent ordered.

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