Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Every Business World Can Have Activities when New Normal


Every Business World Can Have Activities when New NormalEvery Business World Can Have Activities when New Normal - Daily Executive Regent Bengkalis Bustami HY together with elements of the regional leadership communication forum (forkopimda) Thursday, May 28, 2020, participated in telecommunications with the Governor of Riau and several regencies / cities related to the implementation ahead of the end of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

Bustami after the meeting in the Hang Tuah meeting room on the second floor of the Bengkalis Regent's office mentioned that Bengkalis district had conveyed the latest conditions until the end of the PSBB implementation.

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"From 20 May until today there have been no additional cases of Positive Covid-19 or the graph is already flat, although currently there are still being treated and waiting for the results of the swab. We hope the results of the swad are negative. Based on evaluations from several districts and cities "In Riau Province implementing the PSBB there has also been a decrease in covid cases, so in Riau there has generally been a decline," said Bustami.

Bustami said that what needed to be anticipated was a counter attack because after the implementation of Eid, because many people were carrying out activities, it was hoped that the community would continue to implement health protocols because the PSBB no longer existed.

"Do not let people not wear masks, do not wash their hands and do not keep their distance, even though the PSBB is not extended, but that does not mean that corona is over, so I still urge people to move to follow health protocols to get to a new or new normal order," said the Secretary.

According to Bustami, although officially in the direction of new normal, Bengkalis Regency has not been accepted into the 25 other regions that have become new normal areas, it is hoped that this week instructions on the new order will be accepted by the regions on how to implement it.

"The plan tonight is Bengkalis covid-19 task force team will hold a meeting related to the new normal implementation procedures," he said again.

One illustration of the implementation of the new normal, said the Acting Regent, activities can be re-carried out such as activities in houses of worship, markets and daily business ventures can be re-implemented but the emphasis is still following the rules of the health protocol.

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"So every business world can do activities but must prepare a hand washing place, keep a distance and use a mask because the corona virus has not totally disappeared," he said again.

The Acting Regent also expressed his gratitude to all parties, both the community, the task force team, the TNI, the Police and the media who have supported the breaking of the covid-19 chain, and it is hoped that this case will really disappear from the land of Indonesia and especially Bengkalis district.

"Thank God, the implementation of PSBB in Bengkalis Regency has been able to break the chain of the corona virus, it cannot be separated from our cooperation, especially the media which has provided information to the public, so that PSBB as expected only once in Bengkalis Regency can be achieved," he concluded.

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