Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Bengkalis Education Office Prepare New Normal Education System


Bengkalis Education Office Prepare New Normal Education SystemBengkalis Education Office Prepare New Normal Education System - The end of the application of the PSBB in Bengkalis, the Bengkalis Education Office is preparing for teaching and learning activities again in schools. But later teaching and learning activities will run with the new order of life or new normal.

Secretary of the Bengkalis Education Office Agusilfirdimalis, said that the Education Office had circulated to all schools in Bengkalis to prepare a hand washing area in each school.

In addition, the school was also asked to provide a handsanitizer and disinfectant, "Schools or educational units under the auspices of the Education Office also requested to set up a shift system for teaching and learning activities," said Disdik Secretary Bengkalis Agusilfirdimalis, Friday, May 29, 2020.

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According to him, a circular was conveyed to schools so that they were prepared if teaching and learning activities would actually be applied in a new normal situation. Schools will be active in accordance with health procedures as a new order of life.

He continued, despite having issued this circular, the Bengkalis Education Office has not confirmed in detail the mechanism of the teaching and learning process in new normal situations and when it will be active again. Because they are still waiting for instructions and regulations from the Ministry of Education.

"What is clear is that we have prepared the steps, if the Ministry's regulation will impose learning our shift system is ready. We are still waiting for this regulation to be published by the Ministry of Education," he said.

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He stated again, currently all education units or schools in Bengkalis are still in a school holiday situation. As per the educational calendar this semester's holidays end this week.

"But we have extended for the next fourteen days while waiting for the Minister's rules to come out," he concluded.

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