Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Not Only Friday Prayers in Congregation, Fardhu Prayer Already Allowed in Mosques and Musala


Prayers in congregation at the Ar-Rahman Mosque)Prayers in congregation at the Ar-Rahman Mosque) -

PEKANBARU - Friday Prayer was held again by the City Government of Pekanbaru on the first day of New Normal or the new life order. The temperature of the entire congregation who prayed Friday was still normal despite the vigilance of the corona virus pandemic.

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General Chairperson of the Pekanbaru City Plenary Mosque M Noer after Friday prayers at the Ar Rahman Great Mosque,on  Friday (05/29/2020), said the administrator of the Ar Rahman Great Mosque had held a Friday prayer service. Congregants perform Friday prayers as expected.

"We are implementing a health protocol for the implementation of the first Friday prayers since the enactment of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions in Pekanbaru. We are preparing hand washing facilities, body temperature gauges, and a sign that pilgrims keep their distance," he said.

The front door of the Ar Rahman Mosque is closed. So, pilgrims enter from the side door on the left and right. In addition to Friday prayers in congregation the City Government of Pekanbaru also allows five prayers in congregation at mosques and prayer rooms during the new normal period at this time.

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"Before Friday prayers, our officers measured the body temperature of the congregation. However, no one was prevented from entering because the body temperature was below 38 degrees Celsius. So, the congregation obeyed what we had said," said M. Noer who is also the City Secretary of the City Pekanbaru.

Observation, the congregation was quite busy carrying out Friday prayers on the first day of New Normal. Friday prayer activities are prohibited by the City Government of Pekanbaru because they implemented the PSBB since 17 April.

At this New Normal, pilgrims implement health protocols. Before performing wudoo ', worshipers wash their hands with soap.

Then, congregants stand in line to undergo a body temperature check at the entrance. Next, the pilgrims sat in each of the rows at a distance marked by the mosque.

Khatib only gave a short talk. When praying, the congregation did not close the rows.

The priest also reads short verses. After Friday prayers, the worshipers who are aware of their health again wash their hands with soap in the ablution place.

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