Monday, 06 Jul 2020

The Case of George Floyd Splashy, Instead This 'Spider-Man' Star Becomes a Target of Netizens' Anger


Shameik MooreShameik Moore - Actor Shameik Moore made a virtual world scene because of his controversial tweet. He discussed the matter of George Floyd's death and said if the error occurred because of black society's share.

This was in the spotlight and made him a target of netizens' anger. The 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' star also made a defense on his social media.

He had made a few tweets about his views on the matter but it turned out that it actually made the public even furious. Shameik also chose to live on Instagram to explain directly to the netizens related to his tweets.

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Even so there are still many netizens who are upset with his writings.

"Stop blaming black people for the violence and discrimination and indifference they receive from white people," wrote one netizen.

"Your tweet is very insensitive," wrote another.

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Previously, Shameik said that if they had to learn how to deal with law enforcement and stop blaming everything on racist grounds.

"Look I have a strong opinion that is hated by the black community, but it must be heard. We need to learn how to deal with the police and (what it is) racist actions, because this is part of a scenario where we fail to fix it," he chanted.

In addition, he also wrote that if black society had to stop thinking with slave mentality.

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