Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Shocking! This Transgender Couple Has Successfully Gotten a Biological Child From Their Own Blood and Flesh


Transgender couple Danna Sultana and Esteban LandrauTransgender couple Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau - Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau are not a couple like most people. They were in the spotlight after announcing they would have children of their own blood. However, in this couple, the husband who contained the baby. This happens because they are a transgender couple.

Born as a male, Danna from Colombia decided to become a female transgender. In contrast, Esteban, a Puerto Rican, was originally a woman who identified herself as a male transgender.

Here are the facts about the transgender couple and their pregnancy:

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1. Famous for Talent Search Events
Before making a scene due to the pregnancy, Danna Sultana had actually been famous a few years earlier because she became a talented contestant in Colombia.

In 2012, he participated in the Colombia Got Talent event and showed off her talent as a dancer. In an audition episode, Danna Sultana mimicked Britney Spears' dancing and singing style on stage. After that, many modeling offers approached him.

2. Fall in Love
Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau are in love with each other. It is unknown how and when their first meeting finally decided to establish a serious relationship.

Their relationship status is actually still confusing. According to the Daily Mail, Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau have officially become a married couple. However, the Colombian news site PubliMetro says they are still dating.

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3. 8 Months Pregnant

At the end of February, Danna Sultana announced for the first time that she was waiting for her biological child with Esteban on Instagram. In the upload, he displayed several photos of ultrasound showing a fetus in Esteban's stomach. "The dream must come true," he wrote as a photo caption.

4. Natural Process
Want to be parents, they had just wanted to adopt a child. However, having children from their own blood is their final decision. Danna revealed that they stopped all hormone replacement procedures in order to have a natural baby from their respective eggs and sperm.

"I do not want Esteban to sleep with another woman. He has a vagina and is still functioning properly. We can do it naturally," Danna said.

5. Can not Breastfeed
As a transgender, both Danna and Esteban have not made a complete change of genitals. It's just that Esteban, whose real name is Stephanie, is known to have had breast removal.

Likewise, with Danna, hormone surgery succeeded in making her breasts enlarge like women but could not function as the original breast. Thus, both of them cannot breastfeed their babies later.

The plan, the delivery process will be carried out in New York City. "We will give our best, what we have never had before. We will both be fathers and mothers," said Danna and Esteban, who planned to name the child Ariel.

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