Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Dandim 0314 / Inhil Leads to Coordination Meeting and Socialization for Welcoming the New Normal Era


Dandim Inhil when leading the coordination meetingDandim Inhil when leading the coordination meeting -Inhil-Commander of Kodim (Dandim) 0314 / Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Imir Faishal chaired a coordination meeting as well as socialization related to the enforcement of the discipline of implementing the Covid-19 health protocol in preparation for welcoming the new normal era, Friday (29 May 2020) at the Graha Bhakti Hall in Makodim 0314 / Inhil, Tembilaham Hulu.

The concept of adaptation to new or normal normal life in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be implemented in Inhil District. The new normal policy, which should take effect on June 1, will focus on the economy, especially in the trade sector.

In the event, Inhil Police Chief, AKBP Indra Duaman Siahaan was also present. A number of business actors and the Head of the Inhil District Apparatus Organization were seen participating in the meeting at that time.

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"We are socializing it to business people. What should be done in welcoming new normal. Referring to the Covid-19 health protocol, of course, always wear masks, measure body temperature, wash hands and keep a distance," explained Dandim as Deputy Chair of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Acceleration Covid-19 Inhil Regency after the activity.

Dandim hopes that all business actors in Inhil Regency can refer to the health protocol in conducting business activities.

"On June 1, we will check whether business operators have implemented the Covid-19 health protocol in each trade center or business location, such as the Morning market, Yos Sudarso Market, Teak Market and shopping areas on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan M. Boya , "said the Dandim.

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Dandim said, in general, the new normal adaptation is not only applied to the trade sector, but also to the centers of the crowd, especially those that become economic centers, such as terminals and ports.

New normal is actually a concept that is applied to society to adjust and adapt to the new order of life in activities. This aims to anticipate the economic downturn amid the Covid-19 pandemic which is uncertain when it will stop.

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