Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

815 ODP is left in Monitoring in Kuansing


815 ODP is left in Monitoring in Kuansing815 ODP is left in Monitoring in Kuansing - Based on Covid-19 Standby Data recorded at the Kuantan Singingi District Health Office, Riau Province at 08.00 WIB, Saturday (30/5) that the total ODP was 5,126 people, ODP completed monitoring 4,312 people and ODP in Monitoring was 815 people.

While there are 34 PDPs in total, with details of 9 PDPs dying (Lab-9), 21 PDPs healthy and returning home, and 4 PDPs still being treated (4 Labs). "However, these four PDP patients have returned home today, so there are no more PDP patients being treated at the Pinere Room at the Kuantan District Hospital,": Said Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Coordination Handling Unit Kuantan Singingi, DR. Agus Mandar in the release of the Covid-19 Kuansing Task Force.

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Following are the data distribution of all ODP cases per District in Kuantan Singingi Regency, namely:

1. Singingi Hilir Subdistrict with 614 ODP

2. Kuantan Mudik sub-district as much as 595 ODP,

3. Singingi District as many as 571 ODP,

4. District of Logas Tanah Darat as much as 519 ODP,

5. Central Kuantan District of 460 ODP,

6. Sentajo Raya District with 406 ODP,

7. District of Pangean with 376 ODP,

8. District of Cerenti as many as 346 ODP,

9. Kuantan Hilir District as many as 342 ODP,

10. Benai District as many as 204 ODP,

11. District of Kuantan Hilir Seberang as much as 196 ODP,

12. Gunung Toar District of 136 ODP,

13. Pucuk Rantau District totaling 129 ODP,

14. Inuman District as many as 119 ODP,

15. District of Hulu Kuantan totaling 114 ODP.

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Furthermore, based on age distribution data of all ODP cases in Kuantan Singingi, namely:
1. Over 65 years as many as 72 people,
2. 46 - 65 years as many as 602 people,
3. 26 - 45 years as many as 1,613 people,
4. 12 - 25 years as many as 2,349 people,
5. 6 - 11 years as many as 214 people,
6. 0 - 5 years as many as 278 people.

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