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Three positions which give a woman the chance to achieving an orgasm


Three positions which give a woman the chance to achieving an orgasmThree positions which give a woman the chance to achieving an orgasm - Do you ever wonder why you don’t orgasm easily? But, you are not alone. An online survey showed that only 57% of women orgasm most or every time they have sex. 

Women don’t climax as easily, and while there could be many reasons why, you can change your routine and include positions that guarantee an orgasm, if done right.

These are three positions which easy to execute and give you the best chance at achieving an orgasm. 

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Scissors position 
It's about the movement of your body parts. During the intercourse in a missionary position, let your partner stretch your legs as far apart and let him hold your ankles by the hand. Movement of legs will directly affect the pelvic cavity, which will, in turn, stimulate you sexually.

Butterfly Missionary position 
The butterfly missionary position ensures a deep cervical stimulation due to the deep penetration. This can produce intense orgasms in return. All you have to do is lay on the bed with your hips at the edge and legs placed over your partner’s shoulders. Your partner penetrates you while standing at the edge.
If you want to hit the G-spot, your partner can go about with a more shallow penetration that will stimulate your anterior vaginal wall, thus giving you an intense G-spot stimulation!

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Seated Scissors
In this position, your partner will lie down on the bed, and you will be facing your partner’s feet. You will place one leg between your partner’s legs and slightly turn behind. 
If your partner wishes, he can prop himself up on his elbows for easier penetration. This position is known for quick and easy clitoris stimulation.

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