Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Post PSBB, Siak Regency Government Prepares to Apply New Normal


Post PSBB, Siak Regency Government Prepares to Apply New NormalPost PSBB, Siak Regency Government Prepares to Apply New Normal - New Normal is a government policy to impose a new order of life in daily activities, while still emphasizing the importance of implementing health protocols to anticipate repetition of the spread of the Covid Pandemic 19.

Some forms of such activities are for example in the case of the economy in buying and selling activities in the market, working in offices and attending school while still using masks, keeping a distance and applying Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS).

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This was conveyed by the Regent of Siak Alfedri to reporters when delivering aid from IKAPTK of Siak Regency, as many as 50 packages for residents of RW 5, Perawang Village, Tualang District, who were economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Saturday 30 May 2020.

Related to New Normal, he continued, is a policy that is implemented in areas that have not extended the PSBB period, and the basic reproduction rate of the outbreak (R0) when the effective reproduction rate (Rt) is below 1.

"Thank God in Siak the effective reproduction rate is below 1, because of the last three positive cases there was no local transmission. So Siak was included in a total of 25 City Regencies and 4 Provinces that applied the New Normal policy" he said.

Specifically in the field of further education, the form of enactment of the New Normal policy will be applied to schools that are under the authority of the Siak Regional Government.

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"For elementary and junior high schools which are under the authority of the Siak Regional Government, we will prepare a hand washing area using soap, then prepare a body temperature measuring device or thermo gun including masks for students," he explained.

So later he said, at the opening of the school all parties both teachers and students were ready, all that was left was how to implement physical distancing. One of the options planned by the government at present is to create a school entry system by means of morning and evening class shifts, as well as designing online systems.

Furthermore, for economic recovery during the new normal phase of the Siak Regency Government, it is also currently waiting for direction from the central government, which according to the President's direction in its development will be carried out in 5 stages.

"The first phase, the plan starts on June 1 for the fields of industry and services, can operate by following the Covid-19 health protocol" he added.

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