Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Her Lover was Cheating And Cancelling the Marriage, This Bride was Taking a Photo And Posing Alone


Yana, when posing alone wearing a wedding dressYana, when posing alone wearing a wedding dress - As quoted by mstar, a bride is viral because she poses alone with an appearance like that bride named Yana Mohamad. Yana uploaded to Facebook a photo of herself posing wearing a white wedding dress by covering one face with her right hand adorned with henna.

This viral photo, according to mstar, makes netizens wonder, why Yana poses is alone without a bridegroom. When confirmed, the woman from Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia also shared the bitter story behind her appearance wearing a wedding dress alone.

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"Actually, I want to capture memories with my wedding clothes before I let go of others. That's the reason I took pictures of a photoshoot, I never thought it would go viral," she said.

Yana said she should marry her lover on May 27, 2020. But her love relationship with her lover ended before their marriage because the man cheated.

When she knew this, she was actually willing to forgive her lover because their marriage was imminent. In addition, Yana also claimed she was unable to lose her partner. However, her partner still choose together with his affair and refused Yana.

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Even though her story is bitter, Yana admitted that she has now moved on. She considers Herself is indeed not paired with her lover who cheated on her.

The photoshoot she did was one form of move on she did. The photo was not taken seriously because it was only taken using a cellphone. Yana added that the wedding dress she was wearing in the photo had now been sold at a price much cheaper than when she bought it.

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